A song of mine, red-painted right hand of god, is included on the YDLMIER 050 cassette compilation. The release will be celebrated today from 2-11pm at the Washington Street Arts Center in Somerville, MA. Info can be found here. (Sorry again for the late notification...)


I have an interview and feature in a local literary journal, Wilderness House Literary Review. It can be read here.



I have been awarded an Honorable Mention for five of my photographs that are included in the national juried show In Camera 2. It is hosted at Artwell Gallery in Torrington, Connecticut, and runs from July 11th-August 1st. The opening is this Friday, July 11th. Information about the exhibition and opening can be found here.



A 30 minute piece of mine, entitled "Somerset Repeater", is a part of this unique installation at Galerie AREA in Paris, France. Graphic designers will be responding live to the compositions. I'm so excited about this, and loved creating the composition for it. The piece is inspired by, and samples, ham radio transmissions in the eastern United States. 

I'm late in publishing this information, but I hope that some of you can make it nonetheless. I'm so disappointed that I can't witness it myself. More information about the event can be found here and here, and information about the record label that has curated it, Tsuku Boshi, can be found here.



Photographers included in the show were Aëla Labbé, Rebecca Cairns, Courtney Brooke Hall, Brett Henrikson, Robert Seto, Russell DuPont, Susu Laroche, Anna Marcell, Costanza Gianquito, Ellen Rogers and I. The opening night featured short films by Michael Langan, Susu Laroche and Marcella Ernest.

Full details regarding credits are listed on YouTube.

(Also, I'm a little concerned that perhaps my eyes are going, given the poor focus of most of these photographs. Apologies.)