A glimpse into a room in which much of my creative energy is spent. I have only recently finished organizing and arranging this space, and it will surely yet evolve, but I am grateful to be anchored here. It is a hopeful way to start a new year.
See some much much more lovely captures of my home on Courtney's blog here.
Pictured: Shelf of treasures including antique and original stereocards, a chandelier I recently made, a portion of my library, my work station, bookends, and cameras, 3-D viewers & antique texts



Rang in the new year with some of my favorite ladies; hanging from trees, marching through brambles, soaking up magic. I am most grateful. See more of the day by Courtney here, and by Ali here and here. It will, unfortunately, be a few weeks until my film from the day will be ready to share.
Both images above are of me, by Courtney Brooke