Omnivore is Glenna Van Nostrand, my dear friend and subject of most of my New Myths photographic series. She circuit bends telephones to create custom microphones, which she runs through a loop station and then often into antique radio cabinets which she customizes into amplifiers. She and I have a similar approach, as she also creates layered acapella compositions, but with an aesthetic that is very much her own. A grittier Juliana Barwick, if I were to compare it to anyone, I suppose. This is an entire set, so it's a bit of an investment, but it's very much worth it, especially considering what a doozy the last track is.


  1. Cool. It's always interesting for me to hear other artists take on a vocal-manipulation based approach since that's largely what I use for my project, BÆRER. Similar methods, starkly different outcomes.

  2. Yes, I agree, it's wonderful to see others who also use their voices as an instrument. Glenna and I have spoken often of collaborating (Teeth Like Omnivores, haha), because our approach is so similar, though our results are different. She'd provide the sweet melodic hooks, and I'd provide the eerie alienation, haha.

  3. "eerie alienation":

    Eerie Alien-Nation could be the title of your first album, hehehe (sorry my lame sense of humor's attempt at a play on words).

    It's cool that you gals have considered such a collaboration.