I have created a shop on Etsy to sell my original prints and artwork. I have been spending many hours in the darkroom creating these portraits of quartz crystals, and have a few for sale at this time. I hope to be adding more of the images that you see on my flickr account soon. I'd be most flattered if you took a look.


  1. I was just watching your latest link, and it made me smile tonight.

    And while I am climbing back down the holy mountain this evening, I just wanted to tell you again, how much I love the crystals on my desk, and the pyramid above my nightstand! I think they are grand, truly! I also check Eating the Abstraction every week, even if I sometimes neglect to comment, I always enjoy reading the entries, looking at the images, and listening to the tunes! Many thanks for doing what you do, and a glorious night to you dear Kris!

  2. Jason, you have such a gift for warming hearts. Thank you, as always, for taking the time to let me know!