I had a dream: I saw a large white building several storeys high which looked like a University. It was full of students; most of them were studying the exact or applied sciences, engineering or physics. They all seemed to be using their knowledge to achieve tangible results; they were applying it automatically without a thought to the significance of what they were doing. They were untroubled by doubt and had no concern for vital essences. This University of my dream seemed to represent the world of our future. The men coming out of the classrooms were hard and metallic, expressing themselves only in the laws of mechanics, and were themselves only becoming products of those laws. The last exponents of a world of flesh and blood had departed and, with their concern for a living earth with gods and demons, were considered by this new generation of anti-men as romantic idealists, the product merely of a decayed bourgeois society. Thus my dream seemed to suggest that the archetype of the future -- or indeed of the present since the future has already arrived -- would be the man of the atom and the machine, preparing himself for the conquest of space in a University building made entirely of concrete and surrounded by asphalt.


  1. Above and below, all these recent entries make my heart to whirl! I love eating the abstraction, and the resonance of such thoughts and motions and fantastic dream visions, as you conjure for us, your readers. Many thanks, and best to you!

  2. Most sincere thanks, as always, Sir Clark!