I have been in want of a space set for tarot meditation, as certain cards have themes and symbols that require my attention, so I decided to set about creating some proper shrines. The first I created is at top, which ended up donning a pattern that reminds me of both Latin American and Russian folk art. (I'm quite fond of both.) The card in this case is simply attached with some putty...not very sophisticated, but perfectly utilitarian. It will probably end up in my Etsy shop! The second was made for a dear friend's birthday, and is decorated with small clay roses which I molded and baked in my oven, finished with a spray of gloss. The crystals in this case are both decorative and utilitarian, securing the chosen tarot card by cinching it to the wood. 
More to come, surely, as I adore the craft of these small sacred spaces.


  1. Tarot relics, and crystal ark with forever roses?!!! These are the most ingenious sacred spaces ever! And I love the black box so much!
    Brilliant work Kris!
    Truly, they shine!

  2. Thank you so much, Jason! Your enthusiasm is always so encouraging.