A weekend experiment, prompted by a forthcoming project by a friend whose work, mind and heart I greatly admire. A gorgeous weekend to sit cross-legged under the trees, playing with sunlight, mirrors, prisms and film. More from the series can be found here.

That all being said, may I admit that I am unbearably bored by my art? Perhaps "bored" is an unfortunate and inaccurate choice of word...dissatisfied? unimpressed perhaps? The phrase that continues to loop in my mind, "Strike that, reverse it," seems the most accurate way of describing my malaise. I want to erase my entire portfolio off of the map and start anew. 

On a positive note, I reflected with some amusement upon a memory I have of myself at 15 years old, laying in my room and marveling at the trippy gatefold in Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album, deciding quite resolutely that my deepest wish was to go back in time and seek employment at Hipgnosis. I fancy this series to be an appropriate submission in this imagined scenario. If I haven't succeeded at pleasing my present self, at least I can take comfort in having pleased my former.


  1. You are doing incredible work Kris! These kaleido-scapes, and dream visions you have loosed upon my eyes of late! It makes me proud to see such things.

    I know that feeling I think, the striking and reversing I mean, but you promise never to erase! Because sometimes, even the old and worn maps can still lead to hidden treasures you didn't expect to find at first. I for one, love the whole portfolio and time warp back catalogue, each and every glimpse

    Beautiful, always

  2. Thank you Jason, for this and other notes of encouragement. It is true, it is the plague of any artist, but a necessary malady that pushes us to meet our personal goals. That quote you sent along from Ira Glass (you're right, who doesn't love that man?) is fair and apt, and definitely what I've been sensing is happening. I still consider myself to be quite the beginner at all of this, so it will be a long while until what I produce properly mirrors my expectations (or my "killer taste", hehe.) I still receive a childlike excitement when I look at my film, and I relish that initial feeling, but it soon gives way to my analytical mind, which will most likely never truly be satisfied. But we push, we expand, we keep producing until that gap becomes less massive. In the meantime, never worry, I've learned from previous mistakes of destroying my work, and though I may go to an extreme of removing my portfolio from the web, the film will always be stored.