I wish that I were able to dig up an appropriate title for these, portraits of an artist I admired from afar who has since become one of my most trusted friends, but I fear that I am still learning how to properly articulate my love for those most dear. I always seem to fall short, and I often fear that those who mean the most to me won't ever get a sense of the depth and nature of my feelings. This is something that we all struggle with, I'm sure. If I find the proper language, I will return here to amend, but until then, here they remain unnamed: portraits of a friend and of a time that I am forever grateful for.
(My hope is to print these in the darkroom soon, and to eventually print an art-zine of the series, as many of the photos are being kept under wraps. There will also eventually be some handmade stereocards of the portraits I took in color. In the meantime, view more on flickr.)