This fall I helped with a little bit of art direction on a film project (seen above) that my friend Derek Kimball was commissioned to do for the annual horror film festival Damnationland in Maine, a series of vignettes to introduce and transition between the pieces made by various Maine filmmakers. D is a very old and dear friend of mine and my husband's, and my husband has scored two of his previous film releases, I Want You To Know and The Bully, both of which rightly earned some awards on the festival circuit. D, in addition to being an incredible musician (see Felsenmeer & Selbyville), has always been one of the most visually inspiring people in our lives, and his aesthetic is really beautiful, very informed by his love of the natural world, and especially that of his New England home. He really did such a beautiful job on the vignettes above, and I was flattered by his request for input. Do visit his Vimeo page to view more incredible film, video and animation work here.

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