NEPTUNE, part deux

Neptune Teaser from Last House on Vimeo.

The deadline for donating to the Indiegogo campaign for Last House's Neptune is fast approaching. Please consider donating even a dollar or two to this wonderful project. Making full-length films is expensive, and the scale of production even for independent projects really boggles my mind. This is a beautiful, worthwhile project from a remarkably talented and capable team, and I hope you will consider it. I have had the pleasure of reading the script, and it is a stunning, unique story that I want so badly to be told.


  1. This is such a wonderful project. I will tweet about it, is there a link? X

  2. Oh, thank you, Ellen! That would be so helpful! There is a link on my blog below my profile, or if you are on a phone and can't see that: http://www.indiegogo.com/Neptune

    Thank you, love!