I wanted to photograph the yoke of mirrors in daylight, as I have no other way of storing it besides nailing it (with at least 4 nails, given the weight) high up on the wall, in hope that our cats' claws can't reach it. The mirrors are quite thin and fragile, so I have to be careful of where it lies. So here it is, and here am I looking sad and longingly into the corner of my studio ceiling.


  1. I love it in the daylight too! Amazing beautiful mirroring artefact! one day (if that's ever possible) I must see it in real! X

  2. It would be lovely for you to see it, especially as that would require you to visit me!

  3. Oh my! Kris! It' been so long I haven't been here, your last works are so beautiful I want to comment on each one. I must rush now, but I will be reading everything tonight!
    Hehe how I would love to cross the ocean one day! a dream it is to even think of meeting you!