I've been scouring previously scanned film for lost frames to share since I'm not able to produce new film lately. Money can be a good thing sometimes. Especially when it is expendable.

I've been considering lately how I must come across here in these spaces. My love of the esoteric, and my preference for minimal, black designs for my online spaces may lend the impression that I am a much darker individual than I am. I fear that much of my work which actually explores and expresses ascendant spiritual themes is seen as frightening or macabre.  

There are so many incredible artists out there that take phenomenal photographs of beautiful women, often in beautiful outdoor spaces; perusing Flickr nearly inundates you with such talent. I've wanted to steer clear of this for some time, for the sake of not clogging the feed, and so there has been quite a shift from my first New Myths series to now. There are enough people idealizing the female image, artists and otherwise. I always fear crossing into either the territory of a Lars Von Trier film where all women are tragically innocent, the enduring Virgin Marys, or the opposite territory, the enduring Salomes. 

There has been an explosion over the past couple of years of gorgeous images that capture the magic, mystical, prismatic nature of our world; some of my closest friends are and have been the remarkable catalysts of this. They awaken my heart, and they should never stop. They express what I feel within and what I see without. It is yet another theme I become wary of sharing in effort of not crowding the stage that they have built, that they deserve to inhabit. 

Here, in this space, it is my intention to share the stuttering speech of my multitudinous selves. All of my artwork, all of the text that draws my attention. But I fear that I have been favoring some selves more than others here. If there has been an emphasis on death and darkness here, it is in effort of catharsis. The body held underwater for the sake of legitimate baptism.

So in effort of showing some light and color around this space, here are two images that I have hung onto for over a year for fear of them being too unabashedly beautiful. Not because of any skills I may have as a photographer, but because of the stunning landscape. The top one was taken in the same landscape as this, in a very different season.


  1. And beautiful they are, fear not what others think, your talents belong on any stage they wish to be on.
    You are the most enlightened of any of my friends in matters of the spirt and personal voyage, your works tell this tale.

    Emails, yours never concern , they only make me love you more. But those of others do, I will tell you in letter form this week.

    I love you.

  2. Thank you, E.
    I regret hearing your comment on my "enlightenment", as I am really so stunted in this regard, despite my daily efforts. It makes me fear to think that I am beyond any others, though encouragement is something I am grateful for, of course.
    I keep wanting to write you a letter, but figure I should wait to send one with any birthday items I'm able to gather. How I love seeing you letters in my mailbox! I love you, too.

  3. I really love your color work! As I might already said to you, the New Myths series hypnotize me. I love how they resonate with the words Of a Mirror and a Bell, in my mind.
    How beautiful to see now more of them!
    I'm not the one to analyze anything, but I can tell how I feel: the women in your stories are like statues and enigma, I love that I see questions in your work, and I love that I can't answer them.
    (I hope I didn't bothered you with yet another point of view on your beautiful work :) )