I adore religious iconography, and decided to honor it on All Saint's Day by dressing as a Russian Orthodox Christian saint. Not any one in particular, but generally representing the images. I originally intended to wear a beard, too, but good fake and affordable beards are hard to find, and I didn't trust my skills enough to make a convincing one by hand. So it ended up a feminine representation instead. Usurping the patriarchy!

As with the previous post, regrettably there are only photos taken on iPhones, but this will end up a part of a shoot anyway, so you must simply wait and anticipate those images. The above image was captured by my beautiful friend Courtney Brooke Hall. She took a number of other lovely photos--perhaps I should be patient and wait for her to send them to me, but alas. There may be a future addendum.


My friend Kim & I went to a Dia de los Muertos celebration at Harvard's Peabody Museum last Friday. We dressed as La Catrina, and though I began with the intent of making a very traditional hat to my costume, accident, form led to my creating a much more avant-garde hat instead. It's quite crude in construction if you look closely, but the effect is really all that I need in most projects like this.

Unfortunately, the only photos we took of our costumes were under terrible lighting by iPhones. So apologies given, here are some captures of us.

Costume contest stickers sullying the impact, I suppose.

We were under the impression that everyone would be in costume, but it ended up that we were quite a spectacle, resulting in nearly everyone we passed asking if they could take their pictures with us. The beautiful mariachi band eventually distracted them and us. So heart enlarging to hear an entire room sing along with them! 



Another from my dredged archives. That year the wind finally threw the 100+ year door to the roof from its hinges. It was blown down, suspended between the collapsing walls, on the stairs where we lay glass light fixtures, shredded tobacco, resin-caked pipes. These lay adjacent, also, to the other door from the same time, that one painted green. It is to our porch, and that is now where this door rests. The squirrels have built a nest behind it that extends into the walls. We don't tell because they are more welcome than the ghosts in the basement.

That hallway is also here, but not my husband. He is here, home, and for that I am grateful.