I adore religious iconography, and decided to honor it on All Saint's Day by dressing as a Russian Orthodox Christian saint. Not any one in particular, but generally representing the images. I originally intended to wear a beard, too, but good fake and affordable beards are hard to find, and I didn't trust my skills enough to make a convincing one by hand. So it ended up a feminine representation instead. Usurping the patriarchy!

As with the previous post, regrettably there are only photos taken on iPhones, but this will end up a part of a shoot anyway, so you must simply wait and anticipate those images. The above image was captured by my beautiful friend Courtney Brooke Hall. She took a number of other lovely photos--perhaps I should be patient and wait for her to send them to me, but alas. There may be a future addendum.

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  1. I love it! What a great idea and what a perfect costume!