Our zine, my husband and I's, has finally been finished. It contains a selection of photographs that were taken in November of 2011 along with a selection of my husband's poetry, crudely printed and bound as any true zine should be, in a limited number of 25. The first 5 out of the 25 zines include hand-painted details upon each page.

Beyond carefully chosen titles, I am always so hesitant to lead an audience into the meaning behind any series of photographs I take. In this case, the title comes from one of the included poems, and so husband has graciously allowed the use of a title more apt than I could ever create. I am so grateful to have him share this and every other space with me. 

If you are interested in purchasing one, please e-mail me at hugeancestor@gmail.com. They are $5 each, $2.50 for shipping within US, $8 for Canada, $10 for Europe, and $15 elsewhere. I am taking care to keep them unbent and protected, which is reflected in the shipping price. If you are interested in purchasing my cassette tape and/or prints in addition to the zine, include those inquiries in your e-mail, and we can work out an adjusted price. All purchases will be made through Paypal.  

Thank you.