Our zine, my husband and I's, has finally been finished. It contains a selection of photographs that were taken in November of 2011 along with a selection of my husband's poetry, crudely printed and bound as any true zine should be, in a limited number of 25. The first 5 out of the 25 zines include hand-painted details upon each page.

Beyond carefully chosen titles, I am always so hesitant to lead an audience into the meaning behind any series of photographs I take. In this case, the title comes from one of the included poems, and so husband has graciously allowed the use of a title more apt than I could ever create. I am so grateful to have him share this and every other space with me. 

If you are interested in purchasing one, please e-mail me at hugeancestor@gmail.com. They are $5 each, $2.50 for shipping within US, $8 for Canada, $10 for Europe, and $15 elsewhere. I am taking care to keep them unbent and protected, which is reflected in the shipping price. If you are interested in purchasing my cassette tape and/or prints in addition to the zine, include those inquiries in your e-mail, and we can work out an adjusted price. All purchases will be made through Paypal.  

Thank you.


  1. This is so satisfying. I will email you when i return home, count me in. Everything you make is made with such care and delicacy. You wake me up. I always consider your works and crafts to be bold and confident, this is no exception. I can sense the unrelenting creativity in your veins calling me and keeping you up.

  2. It was waiting in the mailbox this morning, with threads of black and gold. I love the zine!

  3. Ellen--I am reserving the last gold-painted one for you. I'm always so honored to hear your words, and to trust the honesty of them. I am thinking of you this week, love.

    Jason--ha, I love how often you get to remark on my packages arriving with threads of black and gold. I'm terribly consistent, aren't I? Perhaps someday I will move on...I'm glad to hear that you like it. I hope it's true.

    I'm typing this right now at our kitchen table, which is now riddled with deep punctures from hammering the holes into each zine! Our poor neighbors downstairs...it must have sounded horrible down there.

  4. Consistently glorious! I always save the gold ones in a special box, as each strand is unique with a beauty unto itself, just like papers it binds together. This zine has powerful words and images inside - I've returned to it many times already.

  5. I love too that there is a so thin golden string on black silk paper, this is like a signature. Thank you Kris again, this is beautiful, I am now diving in the poetic words and images, again this night.