I will disclose that I've only taken one roll of film so far this year. The second roll is 1/3 of the way shot in my camera. 

My mind has been occupied elsewhere in crafts much more tangible, and so thought it a fair idea to actually share some of it with you. The strange inclination to believe that nothing seems legitimized until it's shared that has been a result of online culture is one that I've been trying to be mindful of resisting, but nonetheless, here I am. 

The zine was obviously a project that consumed a good deal of time, but along with that I've been making handmade gifts (for birthdays and baby), miniature clay figurines, a new costume for a future photo shoot, and jewelry, along with writing new music and preparing for a solo exhibit (and possible performance) this August. I also started working on a larger scale sculpture this week. Yay!

So here's a due photodump.

Some of the small clay creations--little ladies, masks, and a tree.

Painted wooden boxes for friends.

Two of the notebooks that I've made as gifts, these for my husband--flexible pocket notebooks for poetry ideas.

The new costume while in progress. I'll save pictures of the finished product for when the series is published.

Sculpture currently in progress.

And this, obviously.