This spring I was contacted by Kate & Max, who were moving into a gallery space in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. They invited me to have a solo exhibition of my photography at Melting Sky Gallery, and so we coordinated an exhibit with a previously planned trip of mine out west, for Portland's 'First Thursday' gallery crawl night. They are both remarkable people, and I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to share my work as well as get to know them.

I chose to share work framed around the name 'Death Chants', which is the title of a previous series of work, evoking the theme of a ritualistic call for a deep catharsis/death of the aspects of ourselves (mental, emotional, spiritual) that no longer serve us. The photos that I shared, which include previously published work (here, here, here and here) in addition to new work, all reflect my own quest for this passing through into new forms.

In an invitation to the public to enter into a ritual of their own, I created a small station where they were invited to reflect upon what parts of their own psyche, etc. they need to shed, and to write it onto a small strip of paper. They put the paper anonymously into a small basket, and placed one of the small clay effigies that I made into the small pyre; a proxy death by fire. I was so moved by what was placed into the basket, and so grateful to those that participated.

Kate helping to set the space

Thanks be to Kate Rose & Max Schneider, to those in Portland who attended, and especially those who have taken and took the time to let me know their thoughts about my work.


  1. Ohh wow, congratulations!! I would so love to see your work in person... this looks amazing even through pictures, so I can only imagine the real life experience. Really beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Sara! It was a lovely night. It would have been wonderful to have you there.

    Separately, I discovered that my best friend Jeremy (from Ghost Box Orchestra) met you at Psych Fest!

    1. Maybe one day our paths will cross in the physical realm! I hope to see both your photography and musical projects someday. Ahhh, sadly couldn't have been me as I've never made it to Psych Fest - but it's another event on the long (and ever longer) list of things I'd like to do!

  3. Perhaps it was elsewhere then? I saw that he was following you on instagram, and asked him about it. He said that you were a rad lady (or something to that effect), and I agreed. Hmm...