Couru, Ellen Rogers

Early mystics spoke of a cosmology in which our universe was originally, and is at base, infinite energetic chaos. They believed that chaos created us, and all life within our universe, in order to "know itself". A sense of form and pattern was born; the nameless became named. This can be both mimicked and reversed in the body of a dancer. A nameless, intangible energy can be expressed through lyrical pattern and form, or acute perception can be broken down into intuitive, chaotic movement.

Photographers, filmmakers and writers are invited to explore this theme for Chaotic Forms, an exhibition at the Nave Gallery that I am curating in March. The beautiful work of Alison Scarpulla, Aela Labbe, Ellen Rogers, Rebecca Cairns and Michael Langan/Terah Maher will be included; please consider joining us. Visit the official 'call for entries' here, and please spread the word.