I am a recipient of a 2014 multi-disciplinary artist fellowship grant from the Somerville Arts Council. Being supported by a city filled to the brim with talented artists, writers and musicians is an honor. There are too many times when I, and all of the remarkable artists that I am grateful to know, are unable to continue or begin work that fills our minds, hearts, sketchbooks, etc. because of the financial burden. I don't anticipate ever being rid of that burden, but to have a city help assuage it is a blessing. Thanks be to the SAC, and everyone else who has supported my work over the years.



Only a week left to submit your work to the exhibit I'm curating. Please read the description, and consider submitting. I'm so excited to see this all come to fruition. Thus far, artists include Alison Scarpulla (image above), Ellen Rogers, Aela Labbe, Susu Laroche, Michael Langan and more.